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Bauli Il Pandoro Di Verona — 6 Comments

  1. @ twisting the spanner
    glad to know that you love this cake. sure, it is a good reminder of Italy, one of the nicest place on earth. I can say that although I’ve only been to a fraction (rome, venice, milan, florence, tuscany and pisa) of the must-see destinations there.

  2. Very funny packaging. Look sweet to me. I don’t really fancy cakes, but if to compare with cookies, I will take cakes. Not with powdered sugar of course. Lol!
    Rose´s last post… A fall

  3. You made a good choice. The Pandoro can be stuffed with nutella or with the eggnog, why not try?. But the cholesterol would be affected … 😉

    Greetings from Italy 😉
    David´s last post… BestOfDisco VA

  4. @ Rose
    surprisingly, it was the packaging that attracted me first, and yes it looked funny. I guess, it would have tasted better without the powdered sugar. I don’t know why I didn’t try portions of it without the sugar as I had the control because the sugar was packaged separately.

  5. @ David
    too bad, I didn’t think about kicking it up a notch with Nutella. I can imagine it would have been more palatable for my taste. Nutella is a staple in my kitchen, and I do use it a lot. never mind the cholesterol, I love Nutella 🙂 .

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