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Winter Came Too Soon — 6 Comments

  1. just this morning I was counting the days when it would be March–when the cold weather here is almost over 🙂
    anyway, here in Genève the snow has melted and the sun is shining!!!

  2. Everyone seems to be complaining of cold temps except us here. Still need to turn the air con on. Pakitapon na lang dito yung snow nyo dyan! he he..

    It’s weekend again! Have a warm one!
    Tita Beng´s last post… Visiting Back Cebu

  3. @ Mayet
    we haven’t had snow yet this season. I guess, yours came early. we’re not eagerly waiting for it but sooner than later it will come. just hoping it won’t come that soon though.

  4. @ William K Wallace
    yes, I saw that too on the news. wearing layers is the only way to go if you don’t want to freeze. 🙂

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