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Dublin’s Molly Malone — 5 Comments

  1. At first glance on those photos I thought the lady is another live mannequin kahit she’s a little bit shorter than ordinary Irishes. he he.. until I started reading. Looks so maginaw na umulan pa! Brrr.. buti na lang sanay talaga kayo sa yelo ‘no?! Lol!

    How’s the week so far J?
    Tita Beng´s last post… Red tide in Bataan

  2. @ kat
    I normally decline ads when I have no ad of my own running for that day on another blog. with the paid ads running simultaneously (which I have no control of) I think it is not fair to accept ads 🙂

  3. @ Tita B
    oh yes, this statue is reminiscent of those live mannequins. you remember the couple hahaha.

    we’ve been having bone chilling temps here, but life has to go on. matagal-tagal pa ito,it’s only the beginning.

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