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Siam Thai Restaurant — 3 Comments

  1. You look great J! Now I know how delicious your meal was. Your sweet smile says it all! Lol!

    Kahit sa tingin pa lang.. sarrrap na talaga ng mga food! The duck in tamarind sauce really makes my mouth watery. Ewan ba, sobrang like ko ang duck especially peking duck. I wish i could find that kind of cooking here. Pero I doubt it. ha ha..

    kinda expensive yan pero okay lang pag first class quality lahat di ba? From the ambience, to service and moat of all sulit sa sarap ng food! Basta food, go lang ng go. Enjoy it to the highest level. Lol!

    Have a wonderful day J!

  2. @ Tita B
    many thanks po. ayan, nakaduling tuloy ako ulit. my hubs loves duck meat too. ako, I can take it or leave it.

    @ Rose
    you share the same palate as my husband. he loves duck meat too.

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