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And Then They Were Two — 20 Comments

  1. The picture of a moving man with someone is indeed thrilling as I see it. Reminds me of something romantic and special is going on between them. Hehehe

    My first time to visit here. Thank you for joining our activities in FBF Sis. Looking forward to get to know you more through your blog. See you around!
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  2. really genius indeed! I was all smiles as I read about your husband convincing you not to buy the faucet…the opposite always happens to us, I am more rational than the hubby…the other day he called me up to tell me he just did something that could make me mad…out of the blue he bought ten, ten wooden carved chairs that we do not need so much…the chairs are adorable though…:) thank you once again for the marvelous virtual tour 🙂

  3. cute, they do their make up very well that i always think first they are statues until something reveals 🙂 i thought it is the moving man you wanted to bring home to NYC 🙂 thus I understand your hubby very well in talking you out of it
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  4. @ Rovie
    I enjoy joining in the activities on FBF. Thanks for your warm welcome. And yes, I look forward to know more about you too. 🙂

    @ kulasa
    That is crazy! 10???? That is something my husband will NEVER attempt to do hahaha. Now, I’m curious to see those carved chairs.

    @ Manang Lisa
    they’re real and alive Manang.

    @ Betchai
    that would be the day hahaha. Me wanting to bring the moving man with me to NYC???? baka katayin ako sa Ireland pa lang.

  5. @ Lainy
    Paminsan minsan lang nananalo kaya pagbigyan haha.

    @ Rcel
    yes, one of the photos below were taken after hubby gave the bill. They kept moving afterwards. Kaka-aliw sila.

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