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  1. our 10-yr old mattress and bed had given me back problems too, i couldn’t sleep right away so when i got pregnant, i urged hubby to replace it, hehe. we’ve been using our new bed for a month and so far so good. 🙂 i have not been feeling the dreaded lower back pains that pregnant women experience yet but i think i’m on my way to that path since i’m already 7 months far along. 🙂 hope you’d feel better soon sis!

  2. Uy the ‘special project’ is mentioned here….hehe. Ano ba yan…hotel? hehehe….mansyon!

    When I can’t sleep at night I just move to the couch and then I fall asleep…believe it or not. I don’t why but that’s what happens almost every time. The first few times I did that, M had to get up and look for me kasi nawala ako…ngayon sanay na sya….

    Kamusta na ang Mommy mo? I hope she gets better soon. 3x a week na dialysis is definitely not fun. How can you get food poisoning from crabs? The way it’s cooked? There was a time na red tide ako ng galunggong…..I think I was in Gr. 6 but it was mild so di ako na-ospital.

    Anyway, praying for your Mom’s quick recovery.

    Tuks´s last post… Oficina de la Casa

  3. @ jenn
    that must be double annoyance when you’re pregnant and you get hit with that additional discomfort. good thing, I’m not pregnant hehehe. yeah, we really need to replace it soon. thanks for the concern.

  4. @ Tuks

    that project is taking forever, buti nga kahit papaano may pinatutunguhan na. how I wish hotel nga, manghuhula ka ba? (sa totoo lang, naudlot yung bed and breakfast na plano at sa Pinas sana). mansyon???? ipagdarasal ko pa!!!! hahaha.

    tamad nga kasi akong bumangon kaya ayan I just kept watching TV with my TV ears in bed in one position ha.

    the crabs that the maid bought from the market must have been bad. they ate the same food kaya all of them were hospitalized overnight but my Mom being that she has kidney failure siya ang mas tinamaan. thanks for the prayers.

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