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  1. @ Tita B

    thanks so much.yes, there’s no place like home. kailangan na ng pahinga.

  2. O di ba…yun bang bulaklak ang kanyang main subject? Haha…joks lang….

    @my new ‘phone pal’…di na tumawag. I guess she realized na wala akong pakinabang sa kanya….hahaha. Ang sabi nga ni M when I told him about her pasaring about needing someone to drive her around…”ballsy” daw….hahaha

    Enjoy your weekend as well Tuks!
    Tuks´s last post… Sleep Deprived

  3. @ Tuks
    walang makakatalo sa bulaklak hahaha.

    ballsy….what a way to describe her. but M is actually right.

  4. love viewing your photos… i’m jealous that you didn’t gain weight. i easily gain weight even by just breathing. lol

  5. @ ruthi
    thanks so much. yes, even with the sumptuous foods I must have walked all the calories off.

  6. How’s your weekend Tuks? Malamang panay pahinga muna kayo after that trip. Kami oks lang…not too busy but we also went out for a change.

    Have a great week ahead. Hopefully hindi na ganong maiinit. Grabe ang panahon noh? Pag winter super lamig…tapos super init sa summer…I guess they’re called such for a rason…hahaha…
    Tuks´s last post… The FAN

  7. @ Tuks
    it was an uneventful weekend. with the unbearable heat here nakakatamad lumabas. kaya we just stayed home and for F slaved himself off sa gym.

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