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  1. This month for the three of us is full-packed with doctor’s appointment as well. But they’re all about our continuing-care since we are with a new PCP. Since we moved in here, our appointments for this month (dental, eyes, and family doc) are our first under a new insurance. It’s been seven months ago but the hubby was too stubborn to have himself checked while me and the daughter were away. Now that I’m back, I did all the necessary things to be done. This morning was our first check-up with our doc and I love the PCP I’ve found for my family. I’ve told every health complaint I’ve got and I think I’m doing well as my doc dealt with it well enough. I can understand the stress and the feelings of the strings of appointment u’r about to undergo. Indeed, it’s not easy being healthy. We are just lucky that we have access to those cares and concerns that we’ve got. Good reason enough for us to be grateful.

    Take care sis and God bless!
    .-= Recel´s last blog ..I AM VOTING ON THE MAY 2010 ELECTION!!! =-.

  2. @ Recel
    thanks for sharing your thoughts and the re-assuring words. I need it badly.

    its’ tough kasi you go for routine tests and you expect the best but you come out with nothing but…

  3. Hey Tuks! Ay naku…I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…brought about by a couple of [sad] events…death of a high school teacer and a hs classmate’s accident the past couple of weeks. Grabe para akong inalog [tama ba yung term ko?].

    Anyway, I’m trying to be positive as much as I can. We just never know kung anong mangyayari bukas.

    Stay strong. You & F will be in my thoughts. Sana naman nothing serious…and your worries are all for nothing.

    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..Spring Forward 2010 =-.

  4. @ Tuks

    salamat ha. it’s been one long wait. ang tagal, but there’s not much we can do but wait.

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