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  1. I agree. Nice to look at…but I’m sure a pain if you have to shovel your way out of your driveway.

    Have a good week, Tuks! We’re back in having a near perfect weather…for now anyway.
    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..Haiti…now Chile? =-.

  2. That pristine and pure white during wintertime is a bliss for me, too. That is, if I don’t have any appointment to go out during the day but to just peek at outside and let my eyes get filled with the beauty of the snow! If I’ll be working or studying or sending/picking my daughter to and from school though, that bliss shall surely becomes a daunting task! LOL.
    .-= Recel´s last blog ..Justice Served!!! =-.

  3. @ melds

    sinabi mo pa.

    @ Tuks

    indeed! that’s why a lot of people who have no covered garage they just let their vehicles embedded and wait for the snow to melt.
    we had a taste of 51 degree weather today but ti was windy kaya it felt more like 30’spa rin. lucky you.

    @ Recel

    glad to know you find it bliss too. di ba it’s mesmerizing more so when the sun glistens at the white landscape.

  4. Well , it’s nice to look at if you take an angle of it. But I don’t find winter and snow appealing and beautiful at all if it is too much , and too often. I hate winter and I hate snow especially if the snow becomes mud, slushy and dirty, especially there in New York City. One thing, I hate looking at snow because it evokes gloominess to me (with its gray sky ), depression, coldness (coldness to me is negative) and anxiety. I love sunny and warm days because it creates a feeling to be free—-to go outside, to enjoy mother nature, enjoy doing whatever you do without the confinements of clothing and chillness, to appreciate God;s creation in its beautiful splendor, to just enjoy and celebrate.

  5. @ self defense Rob
    it is so true.

    @ alba
    what a way to reminisce. those are the idle times before shoveling hehe.

    @ denesa
    it’s just the look, and that is all there is to it. the big job of digging out follows.

    @ bingkee
    as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can’t blame you for not liking and hating snowy days. to me, it’s just a matter of adaptability. I decided to embrace the four seasons and love what mother nature brings because I’m now living in a place where the change of seasons exist. there’s not much I can do about it.

  6. Ohhh.. of course I agree. I absolutely agree!! It’s amazingly beautiful. I don’t know why, but I can’t explain the feeling as I gaze at those delightful scenes. I’m gonna wish upon a star..to experience those. weeeee..

    To think it an ordinary sight from your window..grabe! pwede ba maki-dungaw dyan, J?
    .-= Tita Beng´s last blog ..Blog Update =-.

  7. @ Rose
    hurray to another snow loving gal. like I always say it evokes bliss to me when snow is in its virgin state.

    @ Tita Beng
    delightful indeed! and it’s something that we take for granted. isn’t it amazing how mother nature created all of these for us to see?
    by all means Tita B., you are invited in my house (LOL).

  8. Well for 11 years I’m here, I appreciate the 4 seasonal changes but still I hate winter…..the coming of it is what I dreaded the most ….I mentioned NYC because here in CT, the snow does not turn into mud in most places unlike there in the city, the snow once the snowfall is over, the it becomes the “ugly, dirty mud”. Here in CT, because it’s not the city, only the urban towns get a few snowy mud. To tell you, we have more dreadful and more bitter winters here compared to New York (except for upstate NY-which is west of CT) except that this winter, the snow is coming from the south —mid Atlantic so NY was hit harder than us here up north.

    But you know ….it’s just 15 days before spring begins and I’m so excited about it. It means flowers, greens, trees and mini-skirts are back again. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Jul!
    .-= bingkee´s last blog ..TO KEEP HER WEDDING MEMORIES =-.

  9. @ bingkee

    oh yes, in 15 days we can all put our winter “blues” behind. hope you too have a great weekend.

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