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  1. lately i have been hooked on a TV series “Dexter”. in its opening credits, they show a scene of the lead character trying to peel oranges and squeeze its juices, but i find it weird coz the color seems to look bloody, but then i thought this show is about a serial killer so they must have played the lighting i guess for special effects but now i’ve read ur post, i know now that there really is a real blood orange, hehehe. ob boy, pardon my ignorance! but yeah its good to know. 🙂 have a great afternoon jules!

  2. @ alba

    it does look strange and it’s even more strange that you are not aware of its existence in Spain. I wonder why they say that this variety originated in Spain and Italy.

    anyway, thanks for stopping by.

    @ Jenn

    it’s probably not a special effect, but this is not available year round so I guess it depends on when the scene was shot.
    thanks for stopping by again.

  3. Blood oranges are one of my favourite. They used to be readily available in the shops but I haven’t seen any for sale for a considerable amount of years. They were always priced around the same as a Navel orange – which is another favourite. As you may be able to tell – I have a sweet tooth and these two oranges are beautiful and nectar sweet!

    For those who have never tried it you can now purchase Blood Orange Marmalade – the variety that I have currently got – has abandoned the peel but rather has the shredded fruit segments throughout the sweet jam … it is well worth trying some – jars are just under £2.00 in English money.
    .-= Polly´s last blog ..Alphabet =-.

  4. Parang grapefruit kaso mas mapula yung loob. I’ve seen them before but haven’t tried them yet. I’d probably ask M to look for them next time he goes grocery shopping although I doubt they have it sa regular grocery store.

    Happy weekend Tuks! Super busy pa din ba?
    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..FrIdAy iT Is!!!!! =-.

  5. @ Polly

    they are also scarce here in New York. in fact, the regular supermarkets don’t have them in stock. I got them from a fancy veggie and fruit store hence,the fancy price hehe. navel oranges here are not that pricey.

    I still have yet to see blood orange marmalade here. when I do, I will really make sure to grab one to try. thanks for sharing.

    @ Tuks

    they are nowhere to be found sa regular supermarket dito, although, you may find them at yours kasi di ba local grower ang FL ng oranges.

  6. Happy Monday, Tuks! Early visit today….medyo lang.

    Baka nga may grower dito ng blood orange but with the 2-week long out of the ordinary temps here eh baka namatay lahat ng oranges dito. M likes to get fruits na hindi pa nya na ta try so he may grab some pag nakita nya.

    Enjoy your Monday. Nag iisa ka na naman this week, di ba?
    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..High of 75… =-.

  7. @ Tuks

    it’s really highly possible na meron nga diyan. but with the abnormal temps lately baka nga malabo.

    back to being alone all day again. kailangan kumayod eh.

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