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Shoplift Spree Of A Socialite Wanna-be — 5 Comments

  1. Ay naku…what people do to be part of that ‘elite’ group. Remember the White House gate crashers? Their 15 minutes didn’t last long and I think that’s the best punishment for them…not giving them the attention they so crave for….

    Aga na naman ako…hehe…
    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..Bruised! =-.

  2. Wow. That is fascinating! I always wonder how these people have the creativity to even come up with the schemes they come up with! We were learning about money laundering when I worked in the bank during university. I put my hand up eventually and said, “I’m sorry, I just don’t get it”. The tutor smiled and said, “and you probably never will as you’re an honest person”. I guess it takes a special type of mind to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes.
    .-= Emm´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday ~ 4: The Peter Pan room =-.

  3. @ Tuks

    you’re really right. but they must get a kick out of doing it. otherwise, they won’t have the motivation to do so.

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