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The Crumbling Cake : My First Baking Disaster — 19 Comments

  1. You could do what my Mom did when her cake crumbled…she just put the pieces in decorative glass bowls, put cool whip on top of it, and called it dessert! When I was growing up, I seriously thought that this was some kind of secret recipe known only to her! Boy, I laughed and laughed when she finally let me in on the “secret! πŸ™‚

    It was very tasty though!
    .-= A.Marie´s last blog ..DON’T FORGET!! =-.

  2. @ Tita Beng

    sure, come by and I’ll gladly make you do the taste test on each cake I bake. I’d welcome that, lalo na, I only have my husband to critique my work and once in a while my in-laws.

  3. @ A. Marie

    aha, this is one neat trick. thanks so much for the tip. I could have used it on this one.

  4. At least delicious pa rin kahit na crumbled.. I’ve been following your entries about your passion for baking lately, and I can’t help but admire you while looking at those cake photos you’ve shared, they look so good, im sure they taste sooooo good too!

    But anyway, musta na manang Juliana? How’s nanay doing? Ako naman, im doing very good, my tummy’s getting bigger, hehe, and my little baby’s kicking me alot, it hurts! But it’s very thrilling, and I can’t wait to hold him finally in my arms…soon!

    Take care always…

    Debbie πŸ™‚
    .-= a fil-am journey´s last blog ..HERE WE GO!! =-.

  5. It’s a crumble cake after all….hehe. As long as F likes it, ayos lang yun. But I know how rewarding it is to ‘see’ our masterpiece, di ba? There’s always a next time….

    Have a good evening, Tuks.
    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..The ‘LAWS" =-.

  6. @ fil-am journey

    good to know, you’re all ok. mom’s condition is still the same, thanks for asking and thanks for dropping by.

  7. @ Tuks

    so disappointing but, I guess I need it. this incident will only make me more attentive to the techniques. I’m sure that I must have done something wrong. that’s the novice baker in me hehe.

  8. Gandang umaga! Napaaga ako ng konti. Antok pa ko but I have no choice but to wake up early today….hayyy [*sabay hikab*]

    Have a wonderful day!
    .-= Tuks´s last blog ..Early Start =-.

  9. @ Tita Beng

    I haven’t even started to think about my Friday recipe hehe. sometimes when I don’t plan ahead, I just use the ingredients available in my pantry. now, you just reminded me to plan na for Friday.

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