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  1. I am sooo drooling here juls! you are so lucky to be living near a Jollibee! i miss that stuff, althoug i admit, it is fattening. i, too, have to watch my weight and must start exercising and dieting. anyway, i have moved to my own domain so i hope you could update my blog URL to http://www.kikamzpera.com/. thanks a bunch juls!
    .-= kikamz´s last blog ..Yellow Monday: Which Way? =-.

  2. Oh my gulay! The chickenjoy!!! That’s my favorite sa Jollibee! I would probably bring home 2 buckets of the chickenjoy…

    How I wish we have one around here…kaso wala so I’ll just keep on dreaming about chickenjoy…hay….
    .-= Tuks´s last blog .."Breathe"….started it ALL… =-.

  3. at past 12 midnight, manila time, i’m now crazing for palabok and chicken joy.

    i’m just find it interesting that they serve corn in your Jollibee. hehehe!

    i’m sure your husband would love the peach mango pie because any foreigner whom i’ve brought to Jollibee really liked it.
    .-= Alem´s last blog ..Scoring the Film =-.

  4. Hmmm…. sarap naman!

    Don’t they serve rice along with their chickenjoy meal? Parang iba na yata ang looks ah.. I wonder if it tastes the same din dun sa lutong pinas. Kasi si spaghetti, eh parang na-collapse (read: pale). LOL Anyway, I’d still would be indulging in it basta ba may access ako! Hahaha! And oh… the price, I’ve read in your response in the post below this. Sobrang mahal pala talaga nila. Tama pala SIL ko sa vegas, it’s even more expensive than American food chains. A spag meal in pinas won’t cost you more than P100, or baka ngayon, less than P150 na. And whole meal na yan so super cheap talaga! Hmm… panalo talaga si hubby mo ha! Hehe..
    .-= Recel´s last blog ..Our Task is On!!! =-.

  5. @ kikamz

    not exactly that near though. sana there’ll be another branch soon that is closer. 20 miles is quite a drive pa rin.ako I totally forget counting calories when I’m indulging on Pinoy dishes. bihira naman kasi makatikim.

    sure, I will update your link in a bit. thanks for dropping by.

  6. @ Tuks

    you can get their big bucket, 18 pieces for $38.99. grabe mamresyo hehe. kaso there’s no Jollibee where you are. malay mo, they will open one soon.

  7. @ Alem

    I was surprised too to see corn in their menu. it works for the american palate, I guess.

    once my hubby tries the peach mango pie, I will surely write about it.

  8. @ recel

    oh sure, rice is on the menu. pwede ba naman mawala? oo nga, they are a bit pricey. but then again, it’s New York, my friend. everything is just expensive here. you also have to tuck on the 8.375% tax.

    but who cares? obviously, mga Pinoy don’t mind, (me included). they just want to have a taste of home.

  9. Imagine?! An American prefers Jollibee over McDo! Driving 20 miles roundtrip would really make Jollibee super special.
    .-= Tita Beng´s last blog ..Busy Days =-.

  10. @ Tita Beng

    he has not eaten McDo in decades. He prefers Burger King once in a while lang yun. But he loves a local burger joint here called Roll N Roaster, a landmark close to where we live. oh, and 20 miles each way yung Jollibee ha. kaya it’s such an effort para sadyain.

  11. nakuuuu namannnnn! kakainggit talga friendship! kung pwede lang kainin yun pictures! miss ko yun burger ng jollibee..very flavorful! love ko din palabok nila! and the chicken joy! oh my! oh my! so crunchy and yummy to the max! out of desperation, baka nga makain ko yun pictures mo hehe! 🙂
    .-= A BLESSED LIFE´s last blog ..One Funny, Stinky Morning =-.

  12. @ a blessed life

    be patient. baka sooner than later may Jollibee na din where you live. you’ll never know.

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