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Dark Chocolate Cake — 20 Comments

  1. It’s 4:35 pm and I only had coffee today, no lunch and look what I had to run across. Believe me, the instant I saw this delicious looking cake, my stomach started to talk and I WANTED A PIECE OF THAT CAKE!!!

    So this is what “mouth watering” really feels like.
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  2. @ Liza

    loved this one too. I’m actually looking for strawberry cake recipes because strawberries are in season. I didn’t want to head out and go for fresh strawberries last Friday kaya ayan, I used what was available on my pantry. buti na lang hindi disaster.

  3. @ MsRay

    oh no, sorry. I just can’t stop baking even if I really also want to be serious with dieting, I’m just failing on this department. the allure of baking is stronger than dieting.

    good luck sa diet mo.

  4. @ RomancingItaly

    come on here in my kitchen. I can spare a slice for you LOL. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind having tasters as most of the time, it’s just me and my husband consuming my creations.

    thanks for stopping by.

  5. @ Joey Logano fan

    oh no, I’m no master baker by any means. I was just daring enough to take a chance. Like I warned my husband before digging in, the cake may not be edible at all. It turned out to be delicious, so I’m happy with the outcome.

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