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Looking Forward To A Nice, Long Weekend — 8 Comments

  1. Now you can drive the car as far as you want to….

    A 4-day break…too short for an out of town but too long to just stay in the house. Hay…

    Hopefully the weather will be nice.

    Btw, di ako nagdilig kasi Mama nature decided to do it for me yesterday…yay! Today it doesn’t look like it will rain though but who knows…as crazy as the weather is here, mamayang konti baka bumabagyo na.

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  2. Isang araw na lang bakasyon na…at least si F. San ang punta natin [o di ba biglang sumama ako…haha]

    Naku nagdilig kami kahapon….ayaw umulan…di kaso ako marunong mag rain dance. Looks like magdidilig ulit kami today. It’s a good exercise for E to reel the hose on and off the hose rack.

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  3. I’d rather pack for a weekend or for up to 5 days but for more than that ; I have a difficult time packing. I hate packing for more than a week. It overwhelms me.

  4. @ Tuks

    you’re definitely right. but being that I’m home most of the time, I’m used to it. that’s the reason why F really wants to go away if he had his way. but I’m not so into it. bitin pag nag pack for 3 or 4 days lang.

  5. @ Tuks

    oh yes, halika that would be fun. we’re playing it by ear depende sa weather.we still have no definite plans. for all you know baka humilata lang yung may bakasyon.

    ayan ngayon, you really desperately want the rain haha.

  6. @ Bingkee

    the reason why I hate to pack for a few days is that whether we go away for 4 days or a few weeks, I will still pack all the “abubots” that my husband requires. Kaya, I want it to be sulit if I ever have to start packing.

    all these years, I’m somehow sanay na packing for two. I have a master list (the things that we bring with us all the time) saved kaya it’s easy for me to pack.

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