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  1. only 10,600 miles for an almost 6-year-old car? haha! halatang-halata na walang gamit! so that should mean you’re that healthy because of always walking instead of driving? wow! but now i should be suggesting for a daily trip to the mall! yang 7 miles na distance ang puntahan! lol Cordie… wow ha, gandang name nga pala! πŸ™‚

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  2. @ recel

    no, I’m also lazy to walk. Cordie is used at the most twice a week. One: for my weekly supermarket run(about 2 miles each way) and two: to the restaurant of choice for the weekend.

    I only make dinners four nights a week, Friday night the husband brings in food from Manhattan, Saturday-dine out and Sunday-the hubs bring in food again from one of the nearby restos.

    We haven’t used the car for any long drive out of NY. The farthest drive is probably 30 miles each way. We’re both lazy to drive. When we go to parties and meet up with friends, sapilitan ang magmaneho. Vacations to nearby states dito, instead of driving we fly, ganun katamad. We figure, instead of driving we fly so we have more time exploring the place. Ngayon, I will have to force myself to go anywhere para lang magamit.

    Oh and Cordie is turning 6 soon this September 28 to be exact.

  3. wow so u have the alibi now to be driving. sis, its bad i did not get to see u in new york. i hope next time i go there, we can meet.i love new york than in other states i went to.

  4. @ Mel

    Definitely, a good reason to head out to the mall.

    Yes, you should have dropped me a line, I would have loved to meet up with you. There’s always a next time. let me know when you’re coming back.

  5. @ juliana

    indeed, it’s manageable to live in NY city (Manhattan) without a car. But in our area, even if the NY public transport system is highly efficient, it is still hard to commute kaya we need to have one pa rin. It’s just that, wala nga naman akong pinupuntahan, eh the hubs naman ayaw mag drive to work.

    kailangan talaga gumala ako everyday.

  6. sarap mag joyride pag ganyan πŸ™‚
    hi manang, finally am able to drop by uli after such a long time… hope everything is well πŸ™‚

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  7. @ fil-am journey

    yes, kahit dito, it’s only in Manhattan na mas mahirap pa nga if you’re driving. but over-all New York is one of the places in the US that has an efficient public transport system.

  8. @ Mari

    we’re fine ading, thanks. may mga minor distractions lang which are rather not worth the attention but they have to be acted upon nonetheless.

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