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Unsightly But Yummy — 27 Comments

  1. Anong unsightly….it doesn’t. Maybe I should post some of my disasters…hehe…wait, I didn’t take pictures pala. Wheww…

    How’s you MD weekend? Ours is mostly sunny. It rained a bit earlier but it stopped na. Yesterday was a beautiful day.

    Tukss last blog post..Susan Boyle

  2. @ Joanne Olivieri

    very well said.

    It feels great to know, you don’t see it as ugly at all. I really felt bad that I messed it up.

  3. @ Juliana

    we were blessed with a lovely MD weekend. For once, the weather gave a delightful treat for NYers.

    I felt so bad when I just gave up, kasi I got frustrated that I was not able to decorate it the way I would have wanted.

  4. @ recel

    that would be nice if you can visit NY.

    I know that you’re moving to Wisconsin soon. panibagong environment ulit.

  5. @ aftercancer

    thanks for the encouragement. it helps to hear from other bakers, because sometimes I feel demotivated when I can’t do what I expect to accomplish.

  6. Hi! It’s Clarisse from Cali. That’s my favorite cake too! I like it burnt on the bottom. Don’t worry, it doesn’t really look bad. And it looks so yummilicious!!! I hope we can exchange links. I’d love to be back here. Anyway, whatever happens, I’ll be back! (borrowed from our “governator”)

    Clarisses last blog post..On the Heels of Spring

  7. @ mel

    it tasted better than the way it looks. I guess, it’s better for a cake to be edible and delsih than pretty.

  8. @ Clarisse

    sure Clarisse, link away.

    thanks for appreciating. it makes me want to keep baking even if they are not really visually appealing. πŸ™‚

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