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  1. Hi Juliana! Nice pic and yes, the ocean is sure very blue!! Now you make me wanna go for a vacation to Hawaii or Caribbean! Hahahha! Must make this my next year goal. This year, too many things happening, couldnt be able to go for vacation. :p

  2. Hey Tuks…musta ang Memorial Day weekend? Off ba si F tomorrow? Itong akin hindi kasi they need to play catch up with paperworks.

    @chicken taco salad…the recipe calls for corn chips na medyo dinurog tapos mix it with the veggies. I just found the recipe online…changed it a little bit kasi we didn’t have some of the ingredients…came out pretty good. You should try it.

    Tukss last blog post..Another Day Passed…

  3. never been to aruba, but looking at the pictures you posted makes me want to go there and see for myself. i love to be at the beach right now to relax but i’m stuck here at my office cubicle.lol

    joys last blog post..Cooking at 3am

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