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If You Are True To Yourself, Desist Plagiarizing — 2 Comments

  1. i still have to make a post about this meme. 🙂

    grabe talaga si theft ano? i haven’t been to her blogs na so i don’t know what’s her latest post. 🙂 i will have to check it out later. i’m intrigued. hehehe… so the post is not active now, huh. i hope she was told by ppp what the heck she’s been doing. lol i hope she won’t be paid for that post at all. gosh. i hope she’s completely suspended, for good. lol i know, i am mean. 🙁

    thanks nga pala for the ec credits you sponsored. i got it already and thanks once again! 🙂 have a wonderful friday sis!

    recels last blog post..A Soul With a Sunny Heart

  2. @ recel

    no, don’t go pampa dagdag traffic pa. subscribe ka na lang. yes. it’s been deleted.

    oh no, your meanness is subtle. you don’t know what this mean b**** (that’s me) is capable of doing once I’m really provoked.

    you’re welcome, you deserve all the prizes.

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