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  1. There’s the cake! Been a while since you posted your creations. Akala ko you don’t bake anymore.

    Carrot cake used to be a fave here…still is I guess but we try to stay away from cakes. Kung hanggang kelan di ko alam…hehe….

    How was the weekend there? Dito baliw..init, tapos uulan, tapos init ulit, tapos uulan…ano kaya yun…

    Tukss last blog post..Job: Virtual Data Service Position

  2. @ Juliana

    I had problems downloading pics from my cam to my laptop, that’s why. the driver needed some update. had I known that I could have solved my issue via one call to Canon tech support matagal na sanang na solve.

    I have been a chocolate and cake addict for life. the only thing that will probably stop me is if I get diabetic(huwag naman sana!).

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