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Rain, Wisdom Tooth And My Garden — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Juliana,
    I have always been told by my dentist that if a wisdom tooth give you trouble have it out. Wisdom teeth have no real use. I had problems many years a go with mine had ti out and haven’t looked back since.

  2. I hope your tooth is all better by now. I was having some trouble with one of mine but I swished some Tramane around in my mouth and it took the pain away. It is good for temporary relief of colds and flu too. I hope you get those herb gardens going too and that it will give you some peace tending to them.

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. Hey Juliana, I hope all goes well with your Wisdom Tooth. I actually still need my wisdom tooth removed… That’s what I was last advised anyways.. but that was about 3 years ago… There’s no pain in my mouth… But I wonder what the consequences are… if they are not removed.

    I hope you give us an update on the wisdom tooth.

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  4. @ Martin

    yes, it’s the same thing that my Dentist told me. I got a free pass though for now. it’s stillo intact.

  5. @ Eddie Garcia

    thanks. yes, I’m a lot better now. I’m still taking antibiotics and ibuprofen. I’m hoping it will do the trick.

  6. @ joey logano fan

    glad I didn’t have to go through extraction for now. not ready for that. I was warned though that if the same thing happens again, it will have to go.

  7. Juliana…my dentist is a darling too…but she’s still a dentist and anyone who chooses a profession where they are in other peoples mouths all day should be avoided at all costs.

    I have to admit though she keeps me coming back because she’s cute…sings to me …and walks around the office in bare feet:)

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  8. Happy Weekend Tuks. Sa bahay lang kami kasi nahawa ako sa sipon ng bata. She’s better na, ako naman. Ganun ata ang Nanay. She pulled some of my white hairs….Mother’s Day gift daw nya…..hahahaha….

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  9. @ Juliana

    oh no, hope you kick off your sniffles soon.

    what a mother’s day gift you got from E. seriously, you really make her pull your grays? tutubo ulit yan and they will stick out kasi nga they will be short. then the cycle begins, she’ll pull them off again hahaha.

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