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  1. O dear! Ano ba yan? I guess she’s used to living the high life? Malalaki na ba anak nya?

    Btw, ok na ang aming dalagita after all the hooplas on her shots. She shed some tears alright but she did ok considering it’s her first time to have shots in years. She had no memory of the last one because she was just 2 almost 3 then.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

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  2. @ Juliana

    I have no idea how old the 3 children are. her husband is a manager of Cantor Fitzgerald at their debt capital market team. teresa herself according to reports, makes $165,000 a year as vault manager in the store.which means she must be used to the high life.

    good to know, oks si E. tumatanda na nga naman ano? dalagita na nga.

  3. Is his husband related to Tambuntings of Paranaque? Tambungtings are known for their pawnshops. Vice Mayor in Paranaque is Gus Tambunting, a known philantropist. Sad naman yan.

  4. sis, mga Tambunting dito sa pinas “pawnshop” ang businesses di ba? hay naku..bad limelight na naman ang mga Pilipino nyan..buti na lang nanalo si Pacman..hehe!

  5. grabe ha. i checked out the links and oh wow! she’s unbelievable! how could she? i wonder what their children are feeling towards them. oh man… pinoy has all of its kinds eh? i would have to say manny pacquiao is who is worth our pride these days!

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  6. @ glitch

    positive! I think teresa’s husband is the son of the tambunting’s, the known pawnshop magnate in PI. I just learned about this from Saturday’s paper.

  7. @ impNerd

    I think she admitted the crime and returned some of her “loots” but now she is using “obsessive compulsive disorder” as her defense.

  8. @ recel

    that’s how it is, just like any nationality. iba-ibang klase ng tao. and she and her husband makes good money. her husband is from the famous Tambunting pawnshop clan back in PI.

    the children are teenagers. someone dropped in that info here.

  9. When I read the name Tambunting, I remembered suddenly the famous Tambunting Pawnshop in Pinas. It’s almost everywhere from where I lived. How sad this happened. 🙁 Haaayyy

  10. No, she is not Tara’s mom. Tara’s mom is Vicky, a lawyer and the whole family lives in Manila.

  11. ma”am, ako po ung nag install ng maraming murano crystal, venetian at italian chandeliers sa inyo sa greenhills dati pa po. baka po gusto niyong ipalinis o re- install para po bumalik sa dating ganda na shining and sparkling as new one. salamat po.


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