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German Chocolate Cake With Nutella Icing — 13 Comments

  1. I can see why it’s fun, I mean you are creating an art form before your very own eyes. Personally I think cooking can be fun, the only not so fun part is cleaning up after yourself when you are finished 🙁

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  2. @ Susan Helene Gottfried

    thanks so much. your words mean so much to a novice baker without formal education in baking.

  3. @ Joey Logano fan

    you are so right. I have no choice though, whether I bake or cook, I only have myself to do the clean up. thank God for dishwashers, my load is lightened up a bit.

  4. Ano ba yan at naglaway na naman ako. I like the icing parang ang sarap sarap…and I love German Choco….ewan ko kung baket. Kaiba sa taste buds ko.

    How’s the weather there today Tuks? Dito grabe ang init.

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