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Crumbs Can Be Pretty And Sweet — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Juliana,

    Looking at all those cakes is such a tease to us blogging readers. They look wonderful and og course you confirm they taste just as good. forget the balanced diet, just get those cakes in and live the moment.

  2. @ desperateblogger

    kung madali lang sana magpadala. why not come over? I’ll treat you to dozens of them, eat all you can hehe.may kasama pang kape ha.

  3. @ martin

    that is exactly what I’ve been doing. live for the moment and enjoy eating what I please. I have actually stopped weighing myself but I still try to squeeze in my aerobic walking exercises.

  4. @ Rose

    they have tons of flavors. I have the same dilemma here. they all look good.you’re only seeing not even half of the flavors that they offer.

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