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No Signs Of Spring — 8 Comments

  1. I thought the weather would warm up by now already, but I guess it hasn’t, *sigh* 🙁

    I guess its been up and down… hopefully it will start warming up again!

  2. Spring cleaning eh! We’ve have three days of it here but I’m not allowed to have anything to do with it as men don’t understand thing slike that. So I just let the women do the business, that’s how it is here.

    The warm weather will just hit you any day now and the chores will be out of the way and a ‘spring in your step when it does – After the aches and pains have gone of course.

    Take Care Juliana and don’t over do things.

  3. @ Joey Logano

    oh yes, we can only hope that it will warm up sooner than later. I’m just afraid, Spring will go by so fast that summer will be here sooner than scheduled.

  4. @ Martin

    that is nice, as you’re not allowed to share the chore haha. can we exchange places? my husband does not take part in spring cleaning neither.

    I hope that warmer, no jacket day will be here soon, so that as you said, the spring in my step is not far behind.

    have a great weekend!

  5. You know I have been asking the same question. I think it will soon start being hot on Christmas and cold in the summer very soon. Isn’t this called the paradigm shift?

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