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Strawberry Swirl Cake — 27 Comments

  1. @ Martin

    I sourced them from the nearby organic fruit and vegetable store. yeah, I know, in fact, I have not checked my weight since my last visit to the doctor a few weeks ago. thanks for the reminder.

  2. @ Juliana

    eh di welcome to the world ng mga adik sa gamot. ako because of hypertension addict na ako mula nung 21 pa ako hehe.

    I’m not so familiar with hyperthyroidism (ba?) but does that mean continuous na ang pills ba?

  3. @ winnie

    I didn’t realize many would want to be my neighbor lol. sure, it would probably inspire me to bake more because I can share it to more people.

  4. The cake looks delicious!! My niece loves strawberries and it would make a great birthday cake. Is the recipe available?

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