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  1. Juliana, that is certainly sad news! The place is an institution. But Amy Besa’s legacy is here to stay. She was even able to write a book on Pinoy cuisine. Will hope that the new resto will be around when I visit NYC again (whenever that will be).

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  2. @ Pinay MegaMom

    It is indeed! I just hope that the new place will be as good.
    So, when will that visit be? How about coming by soon?

  3. @ Martin

    It really is, but I take comfort in the fact that there will be a new resto. I can only hope it will be the same good food that we’re used to.

  4. There’s no Fil resto around here. Wala din Fil store….merong Asian store but it’s not big and has very limited supplies. Kakainis nga eh.

    Hopefully yung kapalit ng resto eh better than the one they’re closing down.

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  5. @ Juliana

    that’s surprising, considering that you are in Florida. it could be that there’s not much Pinoy in your area. just like here, this resto is not exactly here in the neighborhood, and the nearest Fil. store is a good 35 miles drive from where we live.

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