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My Lemon Cake And Friday The 13th — 20 Comments

  1. Hello Juliana!

    My apologies if I haven’t visited for quite a while. Had been pretty busy with the trips, preparations for our move, taking care of my sick baby (but she’s better now) and German language lessons. Thanks for dropping by.

    I see that you’re into baking lately. Your photos really look yummy and I bet they all taste good! I wish I could learn to bake too. I miss the chocolate moist cake that my mom used to bake. It was just yum! Well, maybe one of these days.

    Our home is Stuttgart is paid for by my hubby’s employer. We will only be there for two years initially and purchasing a home is not yet an option. Maybe when we decide to stay there for good, we can buy our own. Hehehe!

    Keep posting your cakes… I enjoyed reading about them especially your tips!


    kikamzs last blog post..Mommy Moments: Sleeping Time

  2. Hi Juliana, walang diet basta cake. This one looks yummy too. If you are accepting orders, let me know ha, he-he…bibili ako para kay hubz.

    Btw, practice makes youe perfect. Keep baking dear…nagtaka lang ako kung sino kumakain ng mga cakes mo, dalawa lang kau jan di ba?

  3. @ kikamz

    it’s ok, sis. real life takes precedence over our online life. glad to know everything is okay,especially the little one. you have a lot of priorities in your hands right now, and that what makes our lives exciting.

    baking is not that hard. if you are willing to learn, madali lang.

    oh, so you will be in Germany for 2 years. that is great, another country under your belt. and what is better is the fact that, accommodations will be c/o your hubby’s employer. that is one good perk,it gives you time to save for a home, perhaps sa pinas? kasi kung doon, alam mo you will always go home there, unlike now na masyadong mobile pa ang assignment ng hubby.

    good luck and take it easy.

  4. @ martin

    thanks for your encouraging words. but I think, I’d be greatly disappointed if I made a cake that really looks awful.

  5. @ a fil-am journey

    oh wow, if only you were close by. baking is fun, and I can only imagine how much fun it is if you are baking with someone. paano, adayo ka met.

  6. @ Raquel

    hala, ang baking ko naging temptation. just when I thought, strictly healthy foods ka na lang, eto at you’re even asking to order. for now, home consumption lang muna, masyado apprentice eh.

    now, for that question – sino ang kumakain???? hahaha, kaming dalawa!!!! if I keep baking, I know in a few weeks, we will be in trouble again with our doctor. a couple of times I sent a decent-sized slice to my in-laws as they don’t live far from us pero 2 beses lang. ganun kami katakaw. nakakahiya aminin, but it’s true.

  7. Hi Julianna, I think you are doing a great job with your baking. There is no “store-bought” cake that tastes as good as a “homemade” one.
    Are you using paste colors to get the colors for your icing? If you aren’t, Wilton baking products has great colors and it takes a little dot on the end of a toothpick to get great colors. The only colors which take more are black and red. I use the Wilton colors for all of my cake decorating and icing. It has no taste either.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. @ Wanda

    oh my, thanks for your kind words. it makes me want to keep going even if I do a lot of blunders.

    I have been using the paste kind. I will look into getting Wilton colors so I can try.Thanks for your suggestion.

    Enjoy your weekend too!

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