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What Is This Weekend's Cake? — 5 Comments

  1. @ Nyumix blog

    haha, I’m not sure I can be a good baking teacher.

    have a great weekend too, and thanks for dropping by.

  2. @ martin

    I can’t make bigger cakes. Imagine the amount of calories each of us will be ingesting if I baked bigger sized cakes? And letting that cake go to waste by throwing out part of it will not be an option, as I’m sure we will just stuff ourselves up. kind of crazy but I’m sure that is what we will do.

  3. Grabe Tuks…naglalaway ako sa lemon cake mo. Here panay naman blueberry muffins ang umaapaw. The little one hides them from Dad pag konti na lang….hahaha…..

    Hope you’re having great weather na.

    Tukss last blog post..I’m Here!

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