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Pantry Is Replenished — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Juliana,

    Me hunter, I hunt food, I store food for family, me good hunter.

    Somehow the hunting for food would have been more fun in the snow and would have made a great blog.

    Thank God for Asian grocer stores, I used them extensively in West Yorkshire to stock up in my previous life, but then they were all Asian grocer shops there!

    ps You know I’m hardly ever serious so please don’t ever take offense

    martin in bulgarias last blog post..The Tattoo Returns For Love

  2. I hope the weather is treating you better these days. And noon isn’t always a bad time to wake up….I’m sure it’s bright early in the morning in some other countries, so just think that you’re time zone is matched to theirs.

    glad I stumbled upon your blog through entrecard. Have a good weekend =)

    Marjies last blog post..What I Look Today

  3. @ Marjie

    glad to know someone agrees with my noon time wake up time. I don’t like waking up that late though, but it has always been a struggle to wake up early. I just love to sleep.

    thanks for dropping by. enjoy your weekend too.

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