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Brazo De Mercedes — 30 Comments

  1. @ Liza

    thanks sa appreciation sis. try lang ng try kasi, I was kind of apprehensive on trying, having read that some who have done it the first time, flop yung meringue.

  2. @ Martin

    your sense of humor is amazing as usual haha. I could not have hidden the first try as I would have been so disappointed, that not writing about that disaster here would have been impossible.

    seriously, I was so thrilled this first try came out like this.

  3. @ pining

    oh my, I’m blushing here. the presentation of my version is not even close to goldilocks’s creation.

  4. That looks delicious, I can’t bake and I’m not a very good cook either, but I try sometimes. All I can do are simple recipes.

  5. @ Mara

    it’s not a hard recipe to follow Mara. as long as you are armed with a stand mixer (not sure, if I would have wanted to make this with a handheld mixer) you’re good to go.

    thanks for dropping by.

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