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Baking And Cinnamon Rolls — 13 Comments

  1. 🙂 you really loved sweets! Ako I only carve once in a while pero reading and seeing all your baked sweets here..parang gusto ko rin palagi kumain 🙂

    Rockss last blog post..All about LAsts

  2. @ Rocks

    yes, there is no doubt to that, for as long as it is the right kind of sweetness. alam mo na, mapili pa din hehe.

  3. @ Adam

    I wish I still have that luxury of having my favorite Italian bakery in the neighborhood. They closed a few months back, thus, my foray into baking and try to replicate the treats I’m used to buying from them. Other bakeries around are not that good, that’s why.

  4. @ Juliana

    aga mo nga, di pa ako gising when you dropped by. our day has been so far great. I was just done with my 2 mile walk while F is now reading his newspapers.

    no plans on going out, it is warmer today, but cloudy.

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