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The Aftermath Of Yesterday's Snow Storm — 6 Comments

  1. Spring forward na nga pala this Sunday. That means we’re losing an hour…ugh! Oh well, we’ll gain it back in a few months….hehehe….

    Hopefully, it stared to warm up where you’re at. Dito, it’s still a bit cold but it will warm up soon.

    Have a great day Tuks…

    Tukss last blog post..The Flu & A Certificate….

  2. @ Martin

    you have such a good attitude with regards to the cold weather. I came from a tropical country that’s why, it’s very hard for me to think that way. But of course, you are so right.

  3. @ Juliana

    Warm up, it will, finally. After Thursday, which is going to be only in the low 40’s we will see the mid 50’s the next two days and hopefully 60’s on Sunday. Grabe, kailangan nang maging warm na talaga.

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