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  1. What’s in a name anyway? hehehe….as long as it tastes good no name is needed…just call it….nameless#1….hahaha…

    Seriously Tuks….baka before you know it eh may sariling bakery ka na….

    Naku ang man of the house dito eh may konting sakit. His ‘frail’ body [all 200 lbs of it….LOL] gave in to the long hours at work. Sabi nya he lost a few pounds so he’s no longer ‘obese’….super overweight na lang….

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Tukss last blog post..Gloomy Sunday….

  2. @ Joel

    since you’re the first one to came up with a name, so let this cake be baptized as Decadence. It sounds so good!

    thank you so much!

  3. @ Juliana

    hey, may name na siya, c/o Joel.

    seriously as you wrote, owning a “petite” bakeshop has been one of my dreams for a while. for years, I have been talking with F about one day buying that neighborhood Italian bakeshop that I loved: Angelo’s. naunahan nga lang magsara. it would have been awesome taking over that place with established clientele already and buying the business lock, stock and barrel.ambisyosa ‘noh? actually, right now, we are being offered a bakery, as the owner is selling it, but it’s an El Salvadorian bakeshop and I don’t have a good idea about any of their goodies, unlike Italian treats. pinag-iisipan pa namin, so much so that the location is a good 45 minutes drive away from home.

  4. @ lunarhemizphere

    It can be done, if you are interested to learn how to bake. Just like me, I didn’t have to go to a baking school.You can certainly do it too.

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