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Jollibee Invades New York — 16 Comments

  1. I must confess honestly that I hate places like this. But you obviously are going to get a taste of your homeland, but Americanised. It wil be interesting to see what you make of the authenticity of the food there or will it be another processed, chemically enhanced food at sky high prices. Forgive me for beiung honest.

    martin in bulgarias last blog post..Jogging From Scratch in Bulgaria

  2. @ martin

    that’s fine Martin. I perfectly understand where you’re coming from.

    yes, getting a taste of what I have left behind would be a treat.

  3. @ doi

    that I will be writing about after I have taken the trek. It is not exactly close by, as we will have to drive for an hour but I’m curious enough to go.

  4. Kainggit naman kayo kasi may Jollibee na dyan. Dito ata sa Florida wala….oo nga, ano kayang nagustuhan ni F sa palabok ng Jollibee. Favorite ko ang palabok…grabe naglalaway ako just thinking about it.

    Musta na ang sniffles Tuks? I hope it’s gone na. Ako naman ngayon ang inaatake ng allergy.

    Tukss last blog post..Lack of Sleep = Allergy Attack…

  5. @ Juliana

    Come on over dito sa NY. He tasted palabok the first time ever at Jollibee kasi, kaya ayan in love siya hehe.

    I’m feeling better today. I hope I’ll knock this cold out for good na. It’s zapping my energy.

  6. I have never heard of that restaurant before but well i am from the UK so i guess that would be the reason.

    hey like to tell you that you are one of my top droppers so i would like to say thanks for dropping on me.

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  7. Wow Langhap Sarap.

    Lucky for you to have Jollibee close to you.
    Here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia they open their first branch last year and you have to brave the long lines and wait for 30mins to make order. Few months ago they open the 2nd branch and the 3rd branch will be soon to open (Aug. or Sept 2009).

  8. @ Ihsreh

    not really that close, as it is about 40 miles round trip, one hour each way when there’s congestion on the expressway. if the parkways are cooperating it takes half hour each way. you’re more lucky, because there are more branches. I learned from the Manager here, that they will be opening only one here in the East Coast of the US.

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