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  1. Well, at least ur hubby appreciate your cake. Better than mine, i try bake a cake once, but turn out not nice. Got to throw into rubbish bin! hahah! Nice trying. Practice makes perfect

  2. JULIANA…………Happy Valentine Day!

    i like so much when you making Cake, how about the taste …?
    Yummy..or…..Fantastic hehe Just kidding!

    Keep Going my dear! see you next time

    Aries last blog post..Change in habit …?

  3. @ Martin

    thanks once again, buddy. haha, export?????? I can just imagine the tax and duties you’ll have to pay for my “perfect” cake.

  4. @ Rose

    even if the cake looks bad I think my husband will still devour it. I ensure that the cake part taste good while I practice the decorating part. thanks for the encouragement.

  5. @ Dorothy L

    treat for your eyes hehe. I wished I can share this so you’ll have a taste of it. I’m mighty proud of the way it tasted. thanks for dropping by. I hope you’re enjoying the day of the hearts.

  6. Looks VERY yummy! Pretty good for a first timer. I know baking from scratch can be so touchy. Is this a special recipe or just one you were wanting to try? Do you plan to share the recipe?

    Tinas last blog post..Happy Sabbath!

  7. Sometimes life seems a bit more unfair …

    Mouth watering and no where to eat a piece of cake such as your masterpiece!



  8. I think it looks wonderful and you did a great job with it. Lemon cakes are SO good. Great cake stand too… love the simple design.

  9. @ recel

    kung malapit ka lang share ko sa yo, kahit more than a slice. honestly, no matter how we love to eat, we still throw some of the cakes I bake, kasi we just can’t eat the whole of it. watch out for the recipe na lang at my library.

    thanks for the greet.

  10. @ Tina

    I love lemon cakes, and I just wanted to try to make one. In fact, this is just my second cake ever. I got the recipe from 3 different sources and yes, I will share the recipe on my other blog: http://luceljuliana.com so watch out for it if you’re interested.

    Thanks Tina.

  11. @ Lynn

    ay naku sis, I didn’t go to any formal baking school. I bought the basic equipments, read up and watched videos and off I went to try to bake. kaya mo yan, for as long as you want to learn. go for it!

  12. @ Laurie

    thanks so much. yes, that is my one and only cake stand. oh, the second I guess, if I have to count my cake turntable haha.

  13. Practice makes perfect! Kaya sige pa manang Juliana, ag bake ka pay. Oh my, my husband and I love lemon cake!

    Wen, nalpas akong nga nagligpit.. Hirap pala, hehe! Adda ti picture nan diay blog mi.. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!

  14. wow! I envy you. The cake looks yummy! I’m a frustrated baker and I can’t wait to start baking..its just a matter of finding the equipment needed to do the job. 🙁

    dois last blog post..Slumdog Millionaire

  15. @ doi

    don’t be envious hehe. I admit, it’s not easy to put one together more so if you lack proper training. I’m doing it without that, but I made sure I got the proper equipments and tools. lakasan lang ng loob. I’m sure, you can do it too.

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