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Cheery Yellow To Red — 11 Comments

  1. Like most things that are new it will take time to adjust. the best thing of all is that you are not stuck with it if you end up not getting used to it. For what it’s worth I quite like it, but then I’m an Arsenal supporter and you have their colours off to a tee!

  2. Noticed the change when I stopped by. I get bored with my blog layout and make it a point to do an overhaul every couple of months. Nothing wrong with that really. Just fickle minded.

    That said, the red is definitely more striking. Ever thought of installing a header image? 🙂

    C Ks last blog post..Near misses at Train Level Crossings in the UK

  3. I like the change, very neat & clean, pleasing to the eye. I’m getting ready to do the same thing due to technical problems. I have to start my search for a new theme today, where’d you find yours?

  4. @ Lynne

    Thanks Lynne. The theme was actually picked by my fairy godmother LOL, the talented lady that does all my blogs. I have no clue and not willing to learn the ropes of setting up blogs (codes and all).

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