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My First Creation — 19 Comments

  1. Charming, actually. The cakes looks moist too, perfect. Is that butter frosting? Truly sinful! Buter on chocolate. 😀

  2. I actually think it’s good, for a first cake 🙂
    you should see my cake they’re awful looking (but what the heck it tasted good)
    thanks for dropping by my blog, and lastly, do you mind if I add you in my blogroll?

    pinings last blog post..Yet more woes

  3. @ pining

    oh my, thanks for the encouragement, I really need it. yes, that is what I tell myself too. for as long as they taste good, the look can be overlooked. but then again, I want to create something that not only taste good, but also looks good. very ambitious ba?

    sure, you can add me on your blogroll, I will do the same thing here. thanks!

  4. Hi Juliana.
    For a novice, as you call yourself, you did an awsome job!
    The cake looks delish and I bet it was tasty too. It doesn´t look dry inside.
    I wonder what did you use as topping?
    I bake but I´m not very good when it comes to decoration so I think yours is well done.
    Good Weekend!

  5. @ Stefan

    Thanks, Stefan. I know how you feel. You must feel the same way just like my husband. He is more than thrilled to have the first slice of every cake I have baked so far.

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