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  1. i think it’s a chocolate. The round one with golden wrap? — oh well am not sure. am just guessing. But that looks yummy if that’s not a

  2. hi juliana,

    I’ve been waiting for a new contest from you.

    At first glance I knew it was either a chocolate cake. I knew you as a person who spoil your sweet tooth just like me so the pic is a chocolate or cake with E. Wedel as a brand.

    Hope I win this contest.

  3. Torcik waflowy wedlowski – Praline Wafers by Wedel
    Wafer cake with nut filling and coated with chocolate; hand decorated in ten different patterns. A real piece of art! One of the Polish favorites. 250g (10.58 oz)

  4. It looks like candy, a chocolate medallion, but I would have no idea from who or what it’s for. Good luck with the guesses.

  5. Hello! It looks like a chocolate cake to me… or a chocolate. hahaha
    But, anyways… it doesn’t matter anymore… there are trhose who said before me.
    Have fun.

  6. Kategoria: delikatesy » S?odycze
    Torcik wedlowski
    Torcik wedlowski

    Nasza cena: $5.95
    Cena rynkowa: $6.95
    Twoja zni?ka: 14%
    Wysy?amy w ci?gu: 1 do 3 dni

    Cytujemy oryginalny opis produktu wg producenta:
    “Ca?y Wedel! Czekoladowy, pyszny, oryginalny…
    Kwintesencja torciku, kwintesencja Wedla.
    Spe?nienia marze?”

  7. My first thought was that’s a chocolate. I even sensed its delicious taste. Thank you for that wonderful award.
    Yet I wish my joy will be the mutual one. So I welcome you to my blogs (my online art galleries). I hope you will have a good time with my pictures and so the chocolate will sweeten our life – for a free

    Thank you once again

  8. @ gpartha

    Thanks for your interest but I am informing you that YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. I do not understand the description myself. If you want your entry to be official, THE DECSRIPTION HAS TO BE IN ENGLISH.


  9. I know E. Wedel is a popular Polish candy company. We get them here in Kazakhstan too. That looks like the wafer cake. Or Torcik Wedlowski.

  10. This delicious praline filled torte is like a dark chocolate Kit-Kat but much better. The torte is made by taking many round 6.5″ diameter crisp wafers and filling them with alternate layers of praline cream. The whole torte is dipped in a dark chocolate then the top is decorated and signed in chocolate with the name of the company “E. Wedel” who was the founder of the company in 1851. No two pieces are alike as all the decoration is done by hand. Incredible!

  11. It appears to me to be a Torcik Wedlowski, a chocolate praline tort by the E. Wedel chocolate company in Poland. Layers of crisp wafers filled alternately with praline cream, then dipped in dark chocolate. Each one is decorated by hand which means no 2 are ever alike.

    Lynnes last blog post..Doing Some Shoe Shopping

  12. Pwede ba kapampangan ang entry Tuks? Hahaha…just kidding! I have no idea what it is but it looks delish…naglaway ako just looking at it….

    Musta ang weekend dyan? Dito ang ganda ng weather. We were out the whole day today to enjoy it…kasi ang bata di sanay mag byahe ng matagal…parang nanay nya….hay!

    Tukss last blog post..TGIF?

  13. I think it’s an E. Wedel Chocolate seal. The Wedel Family is into confections since 1851. Wedel is a chocolatier. Oh, don’t tell me you’ve been awarded an E. Wedel chocolate medal?

  14. wow! new contest 🙂 mabuti na lang hindi ko alam, at least hindi ako malulungkot na huli ako magcomment.

    congrats sa winner… sana chocolate cake nga yan… yummy!

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