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Breakfast Bingeing Goes On — 13 Comments

  1. same here, we’re doomed πŸ™‚ hihi, j/k. breakfast bingeing for you, filipino lunch bingeing for me. yesterday i had kare-kare, adobo and cassava cake in a filipino restaurant, what usually serves to 4 or 5 people, I finished it alone πŸ™ and today, same thing happened, I had bopis, lumpia, palabok and ube cake. i guess i am destined to gain more weight πŸ™ but hopefully not for you.

  2. That’s a whopping tastly looking breakfast – A chocolate raspberry decaf brew, never heard of that combination before. mustr get the old taste buds going to devour that whopper!

  3. @ betchai

    oh wow, that’s a lot of food. o di ba, mas masarap nga pag bawal.

    my weight has been creeping up too but I allow myself to indulge once in a while.

  4. I just found your site on Entrecards. I am an American Expat living in Davao, Philippines. I enjoy reading about other expats and how they assimilate in their new home country as I do in my site. Your photo of the bagel sure made my mouth water. God I miss them. I hope you will read mine and comment if something strikes you to do so.

  5. @ Bruce

    thanks for peeking and the interest on my blog.

    glad to know you love the Philippines. I wish I’m on the same boat as you because I would really love to go back for good in the Philippines. that will come at the perfect time. for now, my husband and I will have to stay here as he is working for a Wall Street investment firm.

  6. Juliana,
    Well enjoy all the good food and seasons in New York, I was born on Long Island. GOD I miss a good New York Pizza and a hot pastrami sandwich.
    I will try to keep the Philippines here for your next visit.
    I hope you will enjoy my site and will tell your friends.

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