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  1. @ lotusflower

    we’re very much undecided on this one BUT, the recipient is so deserving. we take pleasure in giving basta ba mayroon.

  2. I think there is a beauty in giving, but not to the detriment of your own financial demise and not to solely to try and impress the receiver. It should to be done with a good heart, the love that comes with it is more important that the present.

    My goodness though, a laptop as a present is some gift! Can you put me on your Christmas shopping list?lol

    martins last blog post..Kind And Generous Bulgarian Baba

  3. First of all, I must say your relatives are very lucky to have you in their family. I would be ecstatic to receive a laptop for Christmas – are you accepting new members? 😉

    As for the wisdom of spending so much on a gift, this is something only you and your husband can know by looking at your finances and calculating whether that money would be sorely missed should something happen.

    Good luck deciding and happy holidays!


    Penelope Pinces last blog post..Poorest Time of Our Lives

  4. @ Martin

    very well said. and yes, we really don’t mind giving this to the recipient because we are also recipients of awesome gifts ( Frette linens for one) through the years from the family.

    it’s not budget availability that is in question, as we know our limits; it’s the timing of giving that is in question because of what is going on in Wall Street. You must know by now, my husband works for a wall street firm and we can’t help but be paranoid about his job security.

  5. @ Penelope

    hehe, you’re funny. at any rate, yes, we welcome new friends.

    no, it’s not the budget we are concerned about, as we have already set it aside; but it’s the timing, given the current condition specially that my husband works for a Wall Street firm, and we can’t help but be paranoid of his job security. if you lose a job, every single penny will for sure be sorely missed, right?

  6. so funny coming across your post. This is exactly where I am now. Not sure whether to drop 1k++ bucks in the bucket to get him a new laptop but oh well…I’m still debating.

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