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  1. so sad.. truly it is heartbreaking to know that someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer. let’s hope for a miracle from HIM.. i included your friend in my prayers..

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that a dear friend or someone who is practically family, going through that. I just recently lost my nephew to leukemia less than 2 months ago. I know how heartbreaking this must be for you and your friend. May you, your godchild and his family be granted with patience and strength to guide you through this rough time.

    Hopefully things will look up soon. Take care.

  3. @ Shemah

    thanks for your kind words, and I’m so sorry to hear about your loss.

    it’s very painful to deal with an impending loss so much so that my Dad passed away(stroke) also 3 months ago, and my best friend last April.

    take care and may you find solace in knowing your nephew is now at peace with his Creator.

  4. We just really don’t know what to future holds for us. Sending prayers your way and your friend’s family.

    Our day is same-o same-o….lam mo naman may S pa ako so I don’t even go to our back porch…baka mahawa yung mga buset na squirrels….haha…

    Have great evening.


    Tukss last blog post..Update…

  5. @ Juliana

    thanks so much. nakakalungkot talaga. not such a good year for me yata. I’m actually starting to believe na may malas ako this year.

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