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  1. Hey….

    Hindi talaga mawawala yung lungkot Tuks. 8 years ng wala ang parents ko pero up to this day I still feel the pain, especially during All Saints Day since it’s also my bday.

    Here a bit earlier today Tuks since I’m taking it easy with work…but I’m doing laundry…guess hindi talaga pwedeng ‘off’ totally, ha?

    Have a great week!

    Julianas last blog post..And Then I’m Older….

  2. @ Juliana

    yes, they say nga, the pain from losing a loved one does not really go away. you just get used to it.

    we’re never really off if you think about it. buti pa those that are in the workforce, they are really off from work when they are off. trade off siguro yun for staying home.

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