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  1. There’s just something about the food of your childhood. For me it’s various southern american foods like biscuits and gravy, cane syrup, and fried chicken. I’ve even taught my Canadian husband to eat grits! But I have to have my sister mail them to me, because you can’t get them up here in Washington.

    Of all the things I miss about back home, I think it’s the food I miss the most.

  2. @ Jodith

    now, all that mention of southern american foods makes me crave for them. yes, childhood food are indeed what we miss the most, and no matter where we are, nothing can replace them. thanks for sharing.

  3. hubby and I used to feast on instant noodles all the time during the first few weeks of our marriage, hahaha! That was when we haven’t unpacked our stove yet and we barely had time to cook… Now we seldom eat it, hubby says “nagsawa na `ko”.

  4. Hey Tuks…

    How’s this for a late hop? We waited for the H to get back from the airport. He had a round trip sa NC. The little one won’t go to bed without seeing her Dad before doing so.

    She’s a bit better na but still nursing the cold. Oh, the only thing she asks for to eat is: Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton….hay. Buti na lang may konting stock pa from our last trip to the Fil store.

    Stay warm.

    Julianas last blog post..Healthy Grilling..

  5. Just take care of the sodium:-)

    My comfort food is chicken noodle soup. Especially, that one not from the food factory but that one concocted by my Ma.

    My mother used to feed me scalding hot soup made out of chicken breast with bones made into a stock and macaroni noodles, this every time I got the flu.

  6. @ lotusflower

    oo nga, thanks for the reminder.

    nothing beats home cooked chicken soup. eto panandalian lang. haven’t made chicken soup myself in a long time. now that cold temps are here again, chicken soup is definitely a staple in our kitchen.

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