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Milan, A Dynamic City — 25 Comments

  1. Wow! The cathedral looks great….and massive. What a structure.

    Hey Tuks…early hop here. Haven’t started working…hop muna here before that…hehe.

    Hope your Wednesday is going great.


    Julianas last blog post..Once Upon a Dream

  2. I am glad to see that the DUmo has been polished at last! The last time I was there, it was still with construction stuffs around it.. Your other blog, I saw it too and the prizes in the steets just remind me how expensive Italy is.. I lived there before i moved here in the Netherlands.

    Anyway, L’italia e veramente bella. Sembra che ogni persona sta amando quel paese… Maganda nga ang Italy and the southern part is more historic while Milano is so modern… daming mga Pinoy dun kasi preferred ng mga tao ang mga Filipinos and even sa TV na pinapanood ko, there was a Filipino personification and it was always hilarious how we Pinoys are portrayed… beautiful posts and images in your various blogs about your latest trip..amazing!

    Rogues last blog post..As a Starter for the Week

  3. @ Rogue

    oh nice, do you like Netherlands better? yes, it’s expensive to live in Italy, we felt the difference during the duration of our stay. or it could have been because the US$ don’t stand too well sa conversion to Euros.

    what do you mean, preferred mga tao ang Filipinos?

  4. Italians prefer much Filipino immigrants rather than any other else because of the parrallel religion and culture. Plus, Filipinos are so much behaved in foreign countries. In fact, there was a government move last year opening works only for Filipinos wherein they can be requested back in the Philippines right away.

    No, it is not because of the sinking dollar though that can be seen from your point of you because you used the currency. I, on the other hand, am still using Euros here in the Netherlands but prices here are almost half to one third of that in Italy. It is very expensive there because prices are not regulated.. That can be seen on fruit prices that are originally coming from there and sold here in Netherlands but here are still much cheaper.

    I like Italy too but for practical reasons, one can save more money living in the Netherlands. Dutch frugality is very influenial.

    ROgues last blog post..And Now The Promise… Who would Get the Freebies?

  5. @ Rogue

    that’s good to know. I saw a lot of Pinoys in Milan lang. The other cities we visited, mayroon din but not as much as in Milan, or I can be wrong too as we stayed in each city naman for a few days only.

  6. That cathedral is simply breathtaking! So amazingly built! I have only heard and saw Milan on TV or prints. Now that you described it as the real thing of what’s printed on the book, I am more encouraged to keep my Milan tour more alive, even if I don’t see any possibility yet, for now, of really visiting the place! 😀

  7. omg! that cathedral looks just awesome!! here in MY I admit I can only see few of filipinos haha unless I go to the filipino mall.

  8. @ Joy
    it seem like they use that kind of candle in Italy. At least, that’s what i saw in all the churches that we visited.

    @ Nova
    It was a dream come true.:-)

    @ chubskulit
    I’m sure it took many years. No machine can do that.

    @ Rcel
    keep that desire burning. In no time, you’ll be touring Milan.

  9. @ travel quest
    Don’t be envious 🙂 You’ll get there sooner than later. No, American passport holders don’t need to secure a visa.

    @ Jane
    yes, it’s magnificent!

    @ betchai
    indeed Betchai.

    @ Chanel
    This area is about the only place to see such structure. Milan is not known for a lot of intricate structures compared to other cities in Italy. Shopping is best here though.

    @ Jessica
    your sister is not far from Italy. I’m sure she will see this place soon.

    @ PApaleng

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