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  1. hi sis! re : washington to Norfolk, it’s something with my job..we sent someone to join the US open 9 ball competition..naligaw yata. 🙂 nainis lang me..kasi di nalang nag bus di ba? I mean wala akong alam sa US pero free naman siguro magtanong jan no?

    gaganda ng mga pictures nyo from your recent vacation..and well accounted again..saan kaya next stop?

  2. @ rocks

    ayan kasi pakialamera ako noh? hey, I was just wondering what was it all about hehe.

    thanks for appreciating the travel articles. next stop? as of now, everything is still on the conceptualization stage hehe, asawa ko, masakit ang ulo, sa laki ba naman ng final expenses namin. everything was accounted for and paid before the trip( we booked air and hotels pa months ago) except food , shopping and transpo(train, cabs), tours. after we added everything, grabe, pwede na pambili ng kotse ang ginastos. it is very expensive to live in Italy, grabe. oh, and you know, hotels are paid upfront na ngayon upon booking, unlike before na saka lang paid for once you check in.

    all I can say is that, traveling is a part of me. I enjoy seeing the world.

  3. @ rocks,

    grabe detalye ano, yung kotse ha na katapat ng ginastos, hindi lang civic, na brand new, mid level na accord haha. kung di ba naman kakalbuhin ang asawa ko. nag enjoy din naman sya eh kaya ayan, as he says, we only have a short life to live, we should enjoy it while we can, for we can’t bring the money with us when we die anyway haha.

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