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  1. Shops that sprouted like mushrooms! Tell me about sense of direction! I suck at it! Hahaha! I dream of visiting a place in Europe! Hanggang dream lang naman ako eh. Hahaha!

    I was grinning from ear to ear Te J when you said you’d break your shopping vow to Kuya F, hahaha! Ano naman kaya ang reaction nya nong dimo nabili yong Hermes color na gusto mo? Let me guess. He did everything to give it to you 😉 Ganyan ang mga mababait na hubby at ikaw na ang Dyosang mapalad na wifey 😉
    Lainy´s last post… Wardrobe Check #1

  2. That’s nice then, if there isn’t a mall where all the retailers gather it would be interesting to find shops in any corner of the place i bet.

  3. Being lost in a new place during the trip is one of the things that I find to be the most fun! 😀 No malls but shops– that’s what I saw in Washington, D.C., too, on our most recent summer road trip. It was interesting, but not the best thing hop from one shop to the next, given that I had my little girls with me. Haha!

  4. @ Joy
    a deep hole hihi.

    @ Lainy
    You nailed it in the head, parang mushroom nga. Compact kasi masyado ang Venice. Just remember, dreams do come true.

    Syempre, happy siya. But he said, he was sincerely sad for me kasi hindi ko nabili ang gusto ko (chos!).There was nothing he could do, talagang unavailable yung color that I wanted nung time na yun.

    @ Jo-anne
    Wishes do come true. Maybe, sooner than later, you’ll fulfill your wish.

    @ Chubskulit

  5. @ Nova S
    The stores thankfully are clustered.

    @ Betchai
    Yup, that was our sort of anchor. We needed to assign a place as our marker, otherwise, we would have wound up unable to locate our hotel all the time. He indeed got a reprieve 🙂

    @ Jane
    Chinatown is definitely a different beat though, I guess, anywhere in the world they may be.

  6. @ Rcel
    It was fun but it was tiring. I had sore legs every single day haha. Oh yes, it’s abummer to hop from one store to the next more so if kids are in tow.

    @ Daphne
    I guess, that may be a requirement. Sort of like a building code?

    @ Papaleng
    Yes, walang big mall, wala din traffic, kasi puro lakad lang and sakay sa vaporetto vis the canals.

    @ Jessica
    anywhere in the world, kahit saan pa man sila, mahal haha.

  7. All I can wish right now is to visit those shops and spend my money there without worrying about the expenses! Oh, wishful thinking!

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