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  1. LOL at F. At least he didn’t look cranky kahit gutom….hahaha. Naku kung yung little one namin yan she’d be acting na kasi gutom. Minsan we’re not even out for an hour nagrereklamo ng gutom…oh well.

    Enjoy the rest of the vacation Tuks.

    Tukss last blog post..Still Looking….

  2. @ lotusflower

    yes, it is true. venice and italy for that matter is a unique place to be as it is such a historic place but for some reason it is not that well maintained. mga structures nila ang gaganda pero madumi.

    the water in the canal is murky and dirty thus it is green and dark. the smell was not bad when we were there. grabe daw pag summer. baka kasing amoy ng pasig river natin hehe.

    i will be writing about my impression of the place soon. kaya lang baka mga italiano magwelga laban sa akin hehe.

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