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  1. sarap naman ng ice cream mo! why is it that when you eat the same flavor of ice cream, the taste is different anywhere? hmm.. mainit pa ba jan? ice cream kasi… ๐Ÿ˜€ ingat jan! and enjoy your vacation.

  2. Great photos! (especially of the gelato)
    Enjoy Roma; I visited in 1968. If you can wrangle a visit to a “cameo” factory (I think there is one near Naples) you can pick up some terrific deals. I like the mother-of-pearl, and so did my Mom…40 years ago!!! Wow.

  3. @ kikamz

    thanks. the temps here is dipping down in the mid 60’s. but as the Italians love their gelato, they probably eat this treat everyday.

  4. @ Doug

    oh my, Naples is not on our itinerary for now. that will have to be when we visit Italy again. there’s just too many places to see yet so little time.

    thanks for the tip anyway.

  5. What I love about the Italia other than its beautiful scenic nature, its cityscapes which load with old historical beautiful monuments, its food, its people and its language, is the gelati and tiramisu!! I hope I can visit it again soon! Great blog.

    Oris last blog post..Curative Dream

  6. @ themidnightwriter

    thanks for dropping by and sharing. I hope we can go back to Italy again in the near future. but when that happens, it will definitely be to different cities.

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