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  1. i love mephisto shoes, the only problem with mephisto, once you wear it, it is hard to wear any other kind of shoes πŸ™ especially fashion shoes no matter if they are as expensive or more expensive than Mephisto, i just find most fashion shoes plain uncomfortable when before I was mainly into fashion shoes πŸ™ now they become junk in my cabinet.

    however, i think you would be okay with MBT, i do not know. at first, it felt weird, walking differently. but it actually help me to walk faster :), it seems like I just roll. i did not buy it at all, nor used it for the purpose of losing weight, but when my hubby had gout pain on his big toe, he could not put on shoes without hurting his toes, and since the design of MBT puts no pressure at all on the toes, it was perfect for him since he could walk and go to work with shoes. but when his gout pain was gone, he did not want to use it anymore since he said it is weird :), i did not want to waste money since he used it only for a week, so I put it on and used it whenever i walk or run, and love it πŸ™‚ yes, it felt weird, but I can feel the physical benefits while walking with it. hope you will like it.

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  2. @ Betchai

    wow! I’m so glad to hear about your experience. we share the same thoughts about Mephisto, I just love their shoes, and you are absolutely right, it’s not easy to switch to other brands. they also have regular style shoes, and they are comfy too.

    I will have to try MBT yet. We’ll see how it goes.

    thanks for sharing your experience. Cheers!

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